Brand philosophy

On the basis of cutting-edge technology,
with the spirit of youthful and fearless discovery,
we are committed to providing science-based,
safe and effective skin solutions and leading the aesthetics of skin technology.

Adhering to the mission of "eternal beauty, shared happiness"
And is committed to becoming a world-class beauty company.

Commitment to R&D

PROYA adheres to the science-backed formula, based on professional skin mechanism research,
selecting top-quality ingredients, repeated experiments to verify the core active ingredients and scientific composition ratio,
and is committed to providing safer, more effective and science-based skin care solutions.

Forward-looking technology development platform

Green extraction technology

Targeted and efficient extraction of skin-friendly ingredients from natural plants, such as glycosides, acids, polyphenols, polysaccharides, terpenes, flavonoids and alkaloids.

Microecological research

Cultivation of screened lactic acid bacteria flora to obtain intracellular substances, promote the growth of probiotics on the skin surface and inhibit the growth of harmful flora.

Global Supply Chain

Since its establishment in 2008, the PROYA R&D Center has jointly developed new patented ingredients and higher-performance formulas with the global top laboratories and raw material manufacturers, providing gentler and more effective skincare solutions for anti-aging.

Selection of High-quality Raw Materials
Global Top Laboratories & Raw Material Manufacturers

Strive for ‘a world of gender equality'

In 2013, PROYA cooperated with UN Women, successively invested millions of dollars in public welfare funds to promote women's empowerment and employment.

Via the core insight of ‘It's gender, not border’, PROYA hopes to cast more attention to the prevailing gender stereotype and raise awareness –

we are all humans before labeled ‘Male’ or ‘Female’. PROYA shakes off the cliché and goes out of the box to encourage the public to live by their individual free will.